New strategy for liberating countries

Here's an idea: Instead of using trillions on the war-machinery in e.g. Afghanistan and Iraq, why not instead use them on infrastructure? More specifically IT infrastructure? And utterly specifically: The Internet.

For countries that actually want help, and have an open mindset from the start, roll out high speed fiber networks throughout the country, with possibilities for both fiber access and wireless access over mobile phones etc.

For countries that wants to restrict internet, and for parts of countries which are ruled by bad folks, throw up a whole bunch of satellites. These have to be powerful enough so that the antenna can be easily hid, e.g. a 15x15x1 unit or smaller. Smuggle inn hundreds of thousands of these antennas, spread them throughout. Air-drop them, each with their own little parachute. Let them have the option of running as a WLAN hotspot. They should be so plentiful that the ruling classes had no way of rooting them out form their society - ending up with one of these devices should not let you stand out like some opposition leader.

Make durable netbooks, tablets, OLPCs. Air-drop some millions of them too.

Then one could start a nice site in their languages, whose URL was printed on the box, and whose default URL on the tablets pointed to. This site should obviously only be factual and informational - giving links to lots of resource on the internet, explaining how it works. Give Google some extra billions to make the translation to and forth these languages near perfect.

Start some websites with actual, relevant information, using pictures and speech, and text: When building a road, a house, a school, consider these things - possibly use this technique. A group of ten people can build a school-building in ten days like this. You should consider these situations when you sow your wheat, rice, whatever. Your children should go to school. If your child has these symptoms, you can do like this. Here's school-resources. With this, you'd have a humanitarian project going to. Changing a country's political system probably goes hand in hand with the population's wellbeing.

If only everyone got access to information about how everyone else is living, unrestricted, one would think that countries could transform from within. Opposition groups could form, having access to a medium that at least wasn't tapped right from the start (Obviously, one still have the problem of ruling-class spies). The military in our western countries could then fall back to monitor how this pans out, acting as some sort of "online resource", maybe even physical, if they deemed it necessary or relevant.

In the same vein, every western country should set up extreme amounts of Tor-nodes. It should not be possible for e.g. China and Iran to block their citizens' access to the internet.

A small trillion dollars will take you a long way in this scheme, trust me.

The citizens of Myanmar (Burma) and North Korea would probably be happy too - it seems like no one is going to war for them, but they could possibly piggy-back on the efforts in the US's selected war-zones.