Spotify Gift Card Out of Stock?!

I wanted to buy a gift card to Spotify this Christmas. And what greets me?!
Out of stock
Due to popular demand our gift cards are currently out of stock. But there is good news, we plan to release new gift cards in the near future so check back regularly for more details.

Isn't that just the dumbest thing you've seen in a while?

Apparently, these are physical cards, and I can see how that is nice. But why not just let me have an electronic version instead if the physical variety is out of stock? I really personally don't give a damn, and I didn't actually think they would be physical in the first place - I somehow expected that one got a pdf file with some code, possibly with a nice card-appearance that one could print out, cut to size and wrap up. Seriously; We're approaching the most major holiday season, and people buy gifts for Christmas, not subscriptions to themselves! Isn't it simply extremely strange that Spotify don't want to jack into this obvious revenue stream?