An English blog too!

YAB - Yet Another Blog - this time in English!

(here's the Norwegian one..)

Since there only are about 4.7 million Norwegians, while about 6570 million people in the world, where between 450 and 2900 million people know some English, I reckon that I can heighten my chances of anyone else reading my thoughts if I also have a blog in English.

Although, zero times whatever is still not a lot, is it?

Some other links:
Worldometers (several interesting numbers about the world!)
ibilio's "worldpop" (another world population estimate)
US popclock (so many Americans - and they're growing!)
Second language (Wikipedia)
Breathing Earth Watch the simulation for a little while - Food for thought!

PS: My girlfriend pointed out that Swedes and Danes might be able to read my Norwegian blog too.. Good point: There are over 5.4 million Danes and 9.1 million Swedes.

PPS: I suddenly realized that the number of people on the earth increase by a good bit more than "one Norway" every month (~6.3 million and more). That's ... pretty intense.

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